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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Arena Cloud package?

First of all, you need to download the Arena Cloud application to your mobile phone. After downloading the application, you go to the STANDARD LOGIN option, then to the NEW USER. Register with a valid mobile phone number using the prefix 0038… You need to save the SMS that arrives at the specified number, as this will be your password for using both mobile and smart TV applications. By entering MENU, you choose the shortcut “MY ARENA” where a window opens in which you need to enter your email address, where you want your bills to arrive. By clicking on classes, you choose the package that suits your needs and then move on to payment.

How do I log in to a smart TV or laptop?

It is first necessary to register with the phone number and purchase the desired package via the Arena Cloud mobile application. If you have a TV from the list of supported Smart TVs, all you need to do is install the Arena Cloud Smart TV application, and then log in via the same phone number and the same code that came to you via SMS. As for watching on a laptop, you can go to the Arena Cloud site and find web TV from the drop-down menu, log in with the same code and enjoy.

How do I pay the subscription?

Very simple. When you first buy some of the packages, you do so through the My Arena shortcut in the mobile app. You can pay the subscription only On-Line with payment or credit cards once a month. Prices are calculated in Dinars. You do not have to worry about renewing your subscription every month, although there is no contractual obligation, the package is automatically extended for another 30 days by charging the payment card you left when you first paid.

How much is the package worth?

The package is valid for 30 days from the day of activation and is automatically renewed.

Where are the Arena Cloud packages available?

Arena Cloud packages are available in the following countries: Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia. Arena Sport channels are not available for the following countries: Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia. The broadcast of certain channels depends on the country in which you use the application. On the PACKAGES page you can download the list by country.

How do I deactivate a package?

You can deactivate the Arena Cloud service at any time via the Arena Cloud application in the “My Arena” shortcut. The full amount is charged for the current month of deactivation, and the content from the package is valid until the expiration date of the package. If you use a free demo package that lasts 7 days, you do not need to cancel, after the expiration of the demo package, your channels will no longer be available.

What is the Internet connection speed required to watch Arena Cloud content?

Our recommendation is that for the best user experience when using the Arena Cloud application, use the Internet with a minimum speed of 10MB / S, and for watching content on the Smart TV application, use the Internet with a minimum speed of 20MB / S. Stream quality also depends on the performance of the device you are using.

Does the Arena Cloud app also work over a mobile network?

The Arena Cloud application is also available via the mobile network. If you do not use Wifi, but the mobile network, please check your package and consumption with your mobile operator, as watching content over the mobile network can incur additional costs.

Can I change the package after activation?

Of course, package changes are available to you through the Arena Cloud app once a month. The newly selected package will be active after the expiration of the previously activated package, ie 30 days from the day of activation. You can request a change of package once in one month.